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SMS Gateway with one modem

The DECOIT® SMS Gateway is a system used in conjunction with an IT monitoring software (e. g. Checkmk) to send and receive text messages. When receiving a notification from the IT monitoring tool, DECOIT® SMS Gateway sends a text message to selected mobile phones. When one of those phones answers via text message, DECOIT® SMS Gateway stops sending text messages. It then forwards the message to the IT monitoring tool in the form of an instruction. That way your employees are informed of a critical issue in your IT infrastructure. At the same time , it prevents a flood of redundant alerts that can cause multiple employees to address one issue.



via dual modems and multiple providers

SMS Gateway modem failover

By using two GSM modems and SIM cards, the DECOIT® SMS Gateway provides higher availability. In case of modem failure, the gateway is capable of automatically switching to the second operable modem.

Failure includes every condition that prevents the modem from receiving or sending SMS. Aside from actual hardware defects, failure can also be brought on by insufficient network service. By integrating different mobile providers, DECOIT® SMS Gateway can prevent failure due to mobile networks disruptions. That way availability can be further increased.

via cluster operation

DECOIT® SMS Gateway redirects SMS automatically through a system of clustered gateways, ensuring that if one gateway within the cluster becomes unavailable another gateway automatically delivers the message with no manual intervention required.

There are three types of clustering: active/active, active/passive with floating IP, and multi-instance.


SMS Gateway Active/active clustering

In an active/active cluster, all DECOIT® SMS Gateways receive their own IP address and can receive and send text messages. The load is balanced across the cluster.

Active/passive with floating IP

SMS Gateway floating IP

In an active/passive cluster, two DECOIT® SMS Gateways can be reached via one IP address. This is accomplished by using a floating IP, which is not assigned to a certain gateway but always selects the available one.

SMS Gateway Aktiv-passiv-Cluster

When engaged, one of the gateways springs into action and receives/sends text messages. In case of failure in one gateway, the other takes over, ensuring there is always a reliable option.


SMS Gateway multi instance clustering

Up to 30 DECOIT® SMS Gateways can be connected in one cluster. With a multi-instance cluster, both active/active and active/passive clusters can be integrated at the same time in order to meet desired requirements.

DECOIT® SMS Gateway ensures availability in case of*

Modem failure

Mobile network provider failure

Partial power failure

Hardware defect

Partial network failure

Computer center split

The gateway recognizes failure and redirects messages automatically to a functioning modem or functioning gateway. No manual intervention is needed.

*Depends on configuration.


Several security measures ensure gateway security and protect the IT monitoring system from unauthorized access:

Messages to the IT monitoring system can be secured by a password pattern.

By applying a whitelist with known numbers, unknown numbers are not able to access the DECOIT® SMS Gateway.

Communication with the DECOIT® SMS Gateways is secured by https.

Caracter set can be limited, e. g. only numeric characters are allowed to be used.

Authorization can be carried out via API-Key.



API interface

Via REST interface the DECOIT® SMS Gateway is connected to the IT monitoring tool, thus enabling notification dispatch, status request regarding text message dispatch as well as a listing of sent and received text messages.


Easy integration into IT monitoring tool Checkmk

DECOIT® SMS Gateway supplies with a Checkmk notification script. Thus notifications, failover and gateway selection can easily be configured via the Checkmk interface. DECOIT® SMS Gateway also contains a tool which addresses the REST interface of Checkmk and delivers acknowledgements to the Checkmk API. That way acknowledgements can properly be processed.

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